About Us

In the middle of 2020 when the world came to an halt, we all moved back towards our childhood love "Art". While we all wanted to try our hands at the emerging artforms, sourcing affordable and beginner-friendly art supplies came as a challenge. And, that's when a mother-daugthter duo came up with the idea to be the online version of "next-door stationery wala".


We know you all have been curious to know the story behind our name. While we wanted the brand name to have stationery in it, we also wanted to add a quirky Gen Z vibe to our brand. And that's how we decided to add "Plug" which implies that we want to plug the artistic needs of every person through our products and service. And, the mascot for our brand is a cute doodle who loves to do art.



Withing 15 days of starting our online store, we started getting orders from all over India and the news about our fantastic packing and deals spread in the entire community . In the last two years, we have added multiple International and Indian brands. On popular demand, we are finally starting our OFFICIAL WEBSITE and I feel extremely emotional while typing this.


Our mission is to unleash your creativity and innovation through our tools. Art is a great therapy, we all just need to find some time in the day to do it. Happy Creating!