Start your Art Journey with Stationery Plug

Start your Art Journey with Stationery Plug

New to the art world? To start with your artistic journey, there are only a few tools you need at your disposal. The right art tools can make you a great artist! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always need these tools!

  • Graphite Pencils

Its always better to draw a rough object before creating an art piece. Having the right set of reliable graphite pencils can really do wonders for you. I am not asking you to stock up on all numbers from fine to bold pencils but do start with the basics! However, it is essential to have 2B for drawing sketches and shading, 6B for dark shading and 4H for light shading.

Try out the beginner sets from Artline, Brustro or Camlin!

  • Erasers:     

If you think a normal white eraser would be enough for you to sketch, you might be wrong here. A kneaded eraser is mandatory too. It completely erases the traces of the pencil and also,kneadable erasers are bendable into different sizes, exactly like clay. It is very convenient when it comes to rubbing smaller areas while sketching! You can also try your hands on pen erasers, a high-precision eraser for pinpoint erasing.

Recommended Products -  Tombow Mono Zero Eraser, Brustro Battery Erasers and Brustro Kneadable Art Erasers

  • Paper:

The most essential tool for any artist. Whether you are a drawing or a painting artist, it is very crucial to understand what paper suits your art form. Here, for example - if you are a watercolour artist, I would recommend you to use a 200-300GSM paper for its absorbing capacity and texture. The moment you find the best paper for your art, your whole artistic experience will change. Sharing some products which go with most artforms:

Sketchbooks to try as beginners:

  •  Anupam Premium Artist Drawing Book | 160GSM
  • Anupam Watercolour Paper Loose Sheets | 200 GSM
  • Scholar Artist Pad Expert Sketchbook | 220 GSM
  • Scholar Professional Sketch Pad 130 GSM

    • Masking Tape and Washi Tapes

    They say that the thumb rule of a painting is neat and clean edges and that is the reason to use washi or masking tapes! With a proper time duration and with a good tacking tape, the painting can come out really well.

    • Black Fineliners

    Fineliner pens are favoured by artists looking to create detailed and precise linework. Whether it is a pencil sketch or an illustration, you might be in the use of good black fine liners! They come in various sizes from as thin as 0.05 to as thick as 0.10. 

    If you need more art supply recommendations, you can also reachout to us on our Instagram handle @stationery.plug

    Author - Divita Jain

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